About the Company

The HARTMANN family has pioneered healthcare and hygiene products since 1818, designing ground-breaking solutions for almost 200 years. Find out more about our company history.

Today the global business comprises five divisions:

Continence Management

Our range of continence products cater for a wide range of continence needs, meeting both physical and psychological needs. Dignity is achieved at all times through excellent quality products providing confidence and discretion.

Wound Management

Our wound management solutions provide healthcare professionals and patients with reliable and effective products that combine clinical efficiency with comfort. From traditional to advanced wound care solutions, the range is designed to offer flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Personal Healthcare 

We are adapting professional diagnostic devices and first aid equipment for home use, giving individuals a convenient way of monitoring, understanding and managing their own health. Products are recommended by professionals for home use.

Risk Prevention 

We work with healthcare professionals to improve efficiency and minimise infections in ORs, treatment rooms and wards. Our innovative single-use surgical and pre-surgical products save time, improve hygiene standards and minimise patient discomfort.


At HARTMANN we produce over 400 products for hand and surface disinfection and cleaning, skin care and skin antisepsis. We also provide healthcare facilities, and other sectors dependent on maintaining diligent hygiene standards, with materials and expert advice to help reinforce the importance of hygiene.