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The STARLAB group specialises in the field of Liquid Handling Technology and laboratory products. Our product portfolio includes laboratory consumables such as pipette tips, single and multi-channel pipettes, cell culture, tubes, PCR consumables, nitrile and latex gloves, and benchtop equipment for general laboratory use.

We also provide pipette servicing for all brands and types of pipette: single and multi-channel, manual and electronic, dispensers and pipetting aids. Our state-of the art laboratory provides both an on-site and mail-in calibration service.

Our products and services are in daily use at research institutions in biological and medical institutes, universities and hospitals, as well as in companies in the life sciences. We have earned an excellent reputation within the research community as a consultative company who takes a structured approach to Liquid Handling products and support. We work very closely with our customer network to continuously improve the products we offer, and to seek out new opportunities both from a product and support perspective.

We have become a significant market player in all the product and service areas where we focus our efforts. Our success is due to our highly-trained and motivated staff and a portfolio of high quality products and services. STARLAB are liquid handling experts, with many years’ experience in automated injection moulding processes for the manufacture and sale of high quality laboratory consumables for research and development. With TipOne® we have developed one of the world’s leading pipette tip systems. Quality, price and service are STARLAB’s core principles.

STARLAB is also based in the United KingdomGermanyFrance and Italy, for the direct sales of our extensive product range. In addition, regional partners in many countries allow the purchase of STARLAB products throughout the world.


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