About the Company

In your lab, the focus is on your experiments and analyses – and ultimately, on your needs. Your lab equipment and consumables should be designed to make your work as easy and efficient as possible.

That is the philosophy behind every BRAND product. Every time we develop a new product, we challenge ourselves for solutions that will make your work simpler, easier, and more efficient – while delivering the quality and perfection you expect from a product designed and Made in Germany.

We are equally committed to the quality of our products and of our services. Providing expert advice and exceptional service to our customers is part of our DNA at BRAND. So, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your customer service representative or check our knowledge base at for application-specific know-how and technical information at any time.

Discover now how the BRAND philosophy will make your lab work simpler, easier, and more efficient – for example

 … with the genuine one-hand operation of the Transferpette® S which includes volume setting, pipetting, and tip ejection – all without changing the grip position of your hand.

 … in our Knowledge Base, where you can find a wealth of application-specific knowledge and technical information.

… with the straightforward operating concept of our Liquid Handling Station, which lets you build your own pipetting routines in a matter of minutes with no need of programming skills.

… and of course, any time you wish to speak with one of our representatives who are happy to provide advice and service.